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Tripp has helped thousands of professionals from almost every industry (even boring accountants) collaborate more effectively and innovate more creatively. 

Consider bringing Tripp to your next event for a presentation that is sure to be inspiring, interactive, and of course hilarious.


Tripp's Keynote Topics

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Stop worrying about your logo.
A message for soloprenuers, entrepreneurs, startups, and non profits with big dreams.

Finding your passion is one of life’s greatest gifts. As entrepreneurs, artists, or ambitious employees, you likely have big dreams to scale your business, create your masterpiece, secure your financial future, or change the world. But one surefire way to ruin your potential success is to make the simple mistake of taking yourself or your dreams too seriously. When you take yourself too seriously, you avoid risk, you miss out on grand opportunities, and you can end up burnt out or even worse: stuck doing the wrong job with the wrong people for the wrong reasons. In this presentation Tripp takes you on his very unique, hilarious, and inspiring journey from finding early success in Hollywood and almost ruining his entire future to eventually finding even greater success than he ever imagined by making peace with his past and paying attention to his present.

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