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I can help you grow your business, increase your creative output, and find deeper satisfaction in your work.

Your time is your greatest asset.

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Stop justifying meaningless work that is only getting in your way.

Quit postponing your real passion.

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Grow your business.

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Prioritize your passions, expand your creative output, discover your unique creative voice

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Lucas Hicks

Working with Tripp gave me a lot of creative freedom in areas where I may have felt stuck. The insight of his years of experience was evident as I realized his creative counseling was helping free up my mind to not stay stagnant in one place. He helped me set realistic obtainable goals that allowed me to stay on track with growing my business as well as completing my short film passion project. 

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Aaron Chewning

I’ve been lucky enough to learn from Tripp throughout my career. I’ve found that when I hit a professional roadblock, Tripp’s been there and he’s figured out the right way around it. He knows marketing, he knows video and he knows how to do creative work the right way. Personally, he’s helped me do better work, make more money and kept me from losing my damn mind. I don’t think there’s been someone more pivotal in my career than Tyler. I mean, Tripp.


Sam Thomas

Tripp has been a huge inspiration to me in my creative journey. He has helped me ask the right questions to challenge myself and the things that are getting in the way of me reaching my full potential. He is extremely encouraging and uses his extensive knowledge and passion to inspire and help others with their endeavors.

MakeMore Logo 2.png

If you feel creatively stuck

If you are exhausted from client work

If you're tired of trying to do it all on your own.

If you're barely making enough, but out of energy

If you know deep down there's more...

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Let me teach you all of the secrets I wish I could go back in time and teach myself 20 years ago, and I'll personally walk with you step by step through implementing them.

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